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We specialize in creating custom Shopify apps for online stores. With expertise in front-end development, UI/UX design, and Shopify’s platform, Akeans offers tailored solutions to help businesses create visually appealing and functional online stores that enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.

We specialize in creating custom applications and integrations for businesses using the Shopify e-commerce platform. We offer a wide range of services, including app development, app customization, app integration, and app support, to help businesses optimize their online stores and improve their overall e-commerce experience on Shopify.

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Trending Shopify Apps

Custom Vision Prescription Eye

Custom Vision Prescription Eye

Custom Vision Prescription Eye Lens App simplifies the ordering process for your customers, eliminating the complexities of measuring and countless visits to optometrists. Enhance Customer Experience & Save Time with Our Innovative App. 

Akeans Likes and Dislikes Shopify App

Akeans Likes and Dislikes

It allow customers to express their opinions on products by likes or dislikes in product pages easily. It offers features helps customers provide feedback and gives store owners insight into popular and less popular items.
Easy Size Chart by Akeans

Akeans Easy Size Chart

The Easy Akeans Size Chart & Size Guide application empowers you to allocate pre-existing size chart templates to products and categories, as well as generate custom size charts for any product within your inventory.

video marketing

Akeans Video Marketing

It  allows users to easily create and edit marketing videos with customizable templates, music, and effects. It aims to help businesses and individuals increase engagement and conversions through visually appealing video content.

upload hike images

Akeans Upload Hike

It allows users to quickly upload and manage their product listings in bulk. It offers features such as custom templates, automatic formatting, and real-time updates, making it a convenient tool for online store owners.

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Awesome Features

seo optimized

SEO Optimized

Themes are designed and structured to improve a website's search engine optimization (SEO) and increase its online visibility.

ajax filter

AJAX Filter

Shopify offers AJAX collection filters to allow customers to easily refine their product searches by category, tag, price range, and more.

mobile optimized design

Mobile Optimized Design

Shopify Apps should prioritize mobile-optimized design to ensure a seamless user experience and maximize engagement and conversions on mobile devices.

colour size swatches

Colour & Size Swatches

Color and size swatches are important elements in e-commerce themes that help customers visualize product options and make informed purchase decisions.

translate ready

Translate Ready

Translate-ready themes allow e-commerce stores to easily translate their content into different languages to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

unlimited product grid style

AJAX Wishlist

Shopify AJAX Wishlist is a feature that allows customers to save products they like and review them later, improving the user experience and increasing sales.

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Drag & Drop Shopify Builder

Drag-and-drop Shopify builders enable users to create and customize their online store's design and layout without any coding skills or technical knowledge.

unlimited product grid style

Unlimited Category Layouts

Unlimited category layouts in e-commerce themes allow stores to create unique and personalized category pages to showcase their products and improve the user experience.

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Powerful Mega Menu

A powerful mega menu in e-commerce themes allows stores to create a user-friendly navigation system that improves the user experience and increases sales.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Support Shopify Product Review APP to enable customers to leave their reviews for products.

countdown timer

Countdown Timer

jQuery timer countdown helps to set the deal timer for any specific product as the customer needed.

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Product Comparison

This feature enables you to compare up to 8 products at a time using without leaving a current page.

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One Click Installation

Import the latest version of the themes you like into your store with just one click.

reliable support

Reliable Support

We offer dedicated & friendly support, regular updates, and extended documentation.

tailored quick view

Tailored Quick View

An option to view and buy the products without moving to the detail page.

unlimited product grid style

Unlimited Product Grid Style

It included unlimited product grid display options.

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Integrated Search Options

Search products, pages or blog posts instantly.

how to create app for shopify store

How to Create an App for Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform for creating e-commerce stores, with over a million active users worldwide. With the rise of online shopping, the demand for apps that integrate with Shopify

how to make my shopify store into an app

How to Create an App for My Shopify Store

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to create and manage their online stores. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can set up a Shopify store and start selling products

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