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Project Introduction

Service Ideas is a leading provider of innovative tabletop products for the foodservice industry. Their products are designed to enhance the dining experience for customers while also streamlining operations for restaurants and other foodservice providers. To stay competitive in an industry that is increasingly reliant on ecommerce, Service Ideas needed to develop an online store that could meet the needs of their customers and improve their overall sales and revenue.


Service Ideas Challenges

Service Ideas encountered several obstacles while developing their ecommerce store. The first hurdle was selecting an ecommerce platform that could manage a significant number of transactions and visitors. They eventually decided on Magento. The second issue was constructing an easy-to-use and visually pleasing online store. Service Ideas needed to ensure their online store was easy to navigate, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Finally, they had to integrate their inventory and order management systems into the ecommerce platform to streamline their online sales.

Service Ideas Solutions

Service Ideas partnered with Akeans to develop a customized ecommerce store that could handle high traffic and transactions. Akeans provided Magento online store development, mobile store development, and multi-store development services to cater to Service Ideas’ various customer segments. Akeans also provided ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the ecommerce store remained up-to-date and functional. With Akeans’ expertise, Service Ideas was able to successfully launch an online store that met their unique needs and provided a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


Service Ideas Results

Service Ideas and Akeans collaborated to create an ecommerce store that met Service Ideas’ needs. The new store enhanced customer experience, enabling easy product search and purchase. The result was a 40% increase in online sales and revenue within the first year of launch. This success was attributed to the effective collaboration and development of a tailored ecommerce store that met Service Ideas’ specific requirements, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and business performance.

Service Ideas Conclusion

In conclusion, Service Ideas’ partnership with Akeans was a success. The Magento store development services provided by Akeans helped Service Ideas develop a customized ecommerce store that met all their unique needs. The new online store improved the overall customer experience, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Service Ideas can now compete more effectively in the ecommerce space, thanks to their partnership with Akeans.


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