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Project Introduction

Dermava, a leading skincare company, approached Akeans for help with their online store development. The company wanted to establish a robust and user-friendly online presence to cater to its growing customer base.


Dermava Challenges

Dermava was facing a series of challenges with their existing online store, which was developed on a platform that was no longer supported. The website had several glitches, and the customer experience was poor. Dermava needed a reliable solution that could handle the increasing traffic to their website, provide a seamless user experience, and ensure secure transactions.

Dermava Solutions

Akeans proposed developing a Magento online store for Dermava to resolve issues such as slow loading speed, poor checkout experience, and weak SEO. They designed a custom solution after understanding Dermava’s needs. The team migrated all data to the Magento platform, customized the website design, and made it mobile-responsive with a minimalist approach. They added features like a smooth checkout process, customer reviews, and product comparisons. The Magento platform’s SEO capabilities enhanced Dermava’s online visibility, increasing website traffic. Akeans’ solution resolved all of Dermava’s challenges and improved its online presence.


Dermava Results

Dermava’s new Magento online store proved to be an excellent choice due to its flexibility and scalability, allowing for customization to meet specific needs. The site’s speed, navigation, and security features provided an optimal customer experience. Integration with social media channels and a responsive design allowed for easy access and promotion of products. Improved SEO increased visibility and drove more traffic to the website. Customer engagement was improved through the integration of reviews and product comparisons, providing customers with the necessary information to make informed purchases.

Dermava Conclusion

Akeans Magento’s online store development solution proved to be an excellent choice for Dermava. The Magento platform’s flexibility and scalability allowed the team to customize the website according to Dermava’s specific needs, resulting in a fast loading speed, easy navigation, and secure transactions. The new website’s improved SEO capabilities also helped increase online visibility, driving more traffic to the site. With their new online store, Dermava was able to establish a robust and user-friendly online presence, catering to its growing customer base.


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