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Project Introduction

Horizon Sports is a sports retail store in Abbotsford, British Columbia, that provides sports equipment and apparel. The store wanted to create an online presence to reach a broader audience and increase its sales. They decided to create an e-commerce store using the Shopify platform. They reached out to Akeans, a leading Shopify development company, to help them build an e-commerce store.


The Challenge

The primary challenge that Akeans faced was to create an e-commerce store that could meet the unique needs of Horizon Sports. The store required a design that could capture the essence of their brand and offer a smooth user experience. The team had to incorporate a wide range of products with different categories, subcategories, and variations while keeping the site easy to navigate. They also had to ensure that the site was optimized for search engines to increase traffic and generate leads.

The Solution

The team at Akeans began by understanding the unique requirements of Horizon Sports and created a custom Shopify theme that incorporated all their branding elements. They also developed custom functionality to manage the vast inventory of products and make it easy for customers to find what they were looking for. The team also focused on creating a mobile-responsive design that would provide a smooth browsing experience across all devices. To optimize the site for search engines, they performed on-page optimization and created a blog section that could be updated regularly with fresh content.


The Results

The custom Shopify theme developed by Akeans helped Horizon Sports to create a unique online store that captured their brand essence. The e-commerce store provided a smooth browsing experience and made it easy for customers to find the products they were looking for. The mobile-responsive design also helped to improve the overall user experience across all devices, leading to higher engagement and conversions. The on-page optimization and blog section helped to improve the search engine ranking of the site, resulting in increased traffic and leads. Horizon Sports was able to increase its sales and reach a broader audience through the e-commerce store.


Akeans, a Shopify development company, provided custom Shopify development services to Horizon Sports, resulting in a successful e-commerce store. Akeans’ expertise in Shopify theme development, app development, and web development allowed them to create a unique store that met Horizon Sports’ specific needs. The custom functionality developed by Akeans made it easy to manage a large inventory of products, and the mobile-responsive design improved user experience across all devices. The on-page optimization and blog section also helped to improve the site’s search engine ranking, leading to increased traffic and sales. Horizon Sports achieved its goals through the e-commerce store developed by Akeans.


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